Imoove at the Madisson

You will find a motorized Imoove platform in our offer. This technology is designed for functional rehabilitation, sports diagnostics, equilibrium and coordination using elliptical, spiral 3D movement.

We offer models for rehabilitation, orthopaedic and neurological workplaces, as well as clinics targeting children or the elderly. From commercial operations, the technology can also be recommended for hotels, fitness facilities, sports clubs and indoor exercise and rehabilitation.

Imoove is a device that can work with the entire body to stimulate more than 95% of muscle mass at once. Starting with evaluation programs to complete rebalancing of the body, Imoove can optimize proprioception, muscle envelope, and motor coordination, all to just 4 m2. Unique elliptical motion, is a combination of multiple elliptical paths in part of a large sphere. Elispherical motion, derived from the observation of the mutual movements of the vertebrae, three-dimensionally in spiral and non-linear motion, re-establishes muscle chains and joints throughout the body. Various settings induce variable elliptical movements related to the variable position of the feet on the board.

Please contact us for more information and an offer of individual models.