K-laser Cube 4

High power laser with one of the highest power levels on the market up to 20W!

  • simple control using a color touchscreen

  • programs for different types of tissues: ectomorphic, endomorphic, mesomorphic

  • ability to create tailored programs for individual patients

  • helps to determine the correct dose using a graphical menu for each selection option

  • use: treatment of acute and chronic pain, sports medicine, trauma, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, postoperative treatment, treatment of foot disease - podiatry, dental treatment and oral pathology

  • biological effects: faster wound healing, ulcers and sores, reduction in fibrosis formation, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, increased vascular activity, acceleration of metabolic processes, improved neural function, immune regulation, trigger impulse, substantial reduction in healing time

  • Continuous and Pulse Mode (ISP Mode)

  • Multiphase pre-set protocol, adjustable settings, unlimited patient data components, adjustable zoom adapter, removable optics, surgical optics, optional ENT thread, upgradable software, 2 pairs of protective goggles, finger switch or optional wireless leg switch

Intense super pulse (ISP mode)

  • mode that allows to select the correct frequency and pulse power so that the energy delivered is suitable for the tissue type

  • A wide range of pulsations allows for biostimulatory, analgesic or anti-inflammatory effects

  • applicator - removable optic handle, new optical fiber, adjustable zoom from 1 to 5 cm2, optional lenses - ENT dental and dental surgery fiber and surgery optics for pediatrics

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