Active knee mobiliser CAMOped

  • very effective active aid that allows exercise of injured or operated limbs using the strength of a healthy limb
  • by engaging in exercise both paired limbs, by using cross-pathway stimulation to extrasensory active involvement of muscle groups of injured limbs
  • option to include three degrees of resistance force, adjustment of the length of the shell (calf length) and change of the centre of gravity of the leg (activation of quadriceps hamstring)
  • the possibility of a fixed valgos or varosis setting or an eventual release of the setting (natural momentum)
  • option to adjust the resistance of the extense leg in the ankle joint
  • comfortable padding
  • setting flex-extense in knee joint from -15° hyperextense to 120° flex


  • restore missing flex range - extense
  • gradual muscle strengthening
  • motivating the patient
  • improvement in haematoma resorption and swelling
  • physical therapy for the prevention of thromboembolic disease

Use of CAMOped:

  • before and after cruciate ligament surgery
  • at joint stiffness
  • after joint replacement
  • at synovectomy
  • at osteosyntese, fractures, pseudoartrose and after corrective osteotomies
  • after reconstructive meniscus and articular cartilage surgery
  • after prolonged bed confinement

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