unique wireless electrostimulation device,

  • the world's first wireless electrostimulation device
  • use in training, injury prevention as well as rehabilitation, significantly accelerates regeneration and relieves pain
  • offers unlimited options and can be used anytime and anywhere without being restricted by cables
  • COMPEX WIRELESS has a color LCD display, that displays detailed information about single-lilt programs, including recommended electrode placement
  • a great advantage is the possibility to use a personal training program, which is easily accessible via the Internet
  • option to select a download a specific program into the device according to the desired goal (e.g. preparing for your next marathon or long triathlon, relieving back pain or just optimizing training)
  • select from more than 50 electrostimulation programs and monitor unlimited number of targets
  • detailed Czech manual
  • For a price quote, don't hesitate to contact our sales department!