Czech Biathlon Team

How does the Czech Biathlon team work with Wireless Professional?

Wireless Professional ranks among the most advanced electrotherapy systems of the moment, offering optimal therapy with complete efficiency over time and in efficacy. It is a unique and innovative wireless technology. This device can be used to perform a complete "Mi-Technology" diagnostic that measures your muscle and sets optimal and effective current parameters. Since the device has 71 programs, it is possible to perform a range of different types of treatments, including rehabilitation, analgesia, vascular therapy, neurological, fitness and aesthetic programs including massage.

It is these unique advantages that have contributed to making the Wireless Professional electrotherapy machine an integral part of the rehabilitation equipment of the Czech Biathlon team. The masseuse of the Czech biathlon team, Irena Garlickova, has extensive experience with it in treating her charges, who must perform daily physical tasks.

After all the training in the stadium and the races, the hard-pressed athletes need a little relief. For this, Irena Česneková, a former Czech representative and currently a biathlon national massage therapist, uses various rehabilitation aids and appliances in addition to the regular massage.

The most effective solutions to help muscle regeneration unquestionably include electrotherapy. "Electrolyte as such has been used for a long time - so has ultrasound and laser. For about five years, we have been working with the Compex machine, but it is "connected" to the athlete by cables. The demands on massage and therefore on machines continue to grow, and one criterion is easy handling and simple control. For these reasons, two years ago, we decided to rejuvenate our instrumentation, and purchased a new wireless device, Wireless Professional. At first, we had a device on loan from Madisson s.r.o. so that my charges and I could try it out. The testing took place at a concentration where the device was immediately popular with competitors. Because we were overjoyed with the Wireless Professional machine, we purchased two devices for our biathlete team - one using the female and one using the male representation."