Huber 360

Huber 360 is a neuro-physical rehabilitation device that will get you back on the move.

Flexibility and modality

Targeted exercise will provide rapid improvement in range of motion. HUBER® 360 mobilizes joints safely and helps to reduce pain rapidly.

Dynamic exercise

Monitor feedback helps increase strength and improve coordination. HUBER® 360 strengthens both superficial and deep muscles.

Body posture and balance

Balance programs help to gain confidence and confidence in movement. HUBER® 360 corrects posture and improves stability.


Dynamic exercise adapted to the patient's physical condition, increases the ability to tolerate fatigue. HUBER® 360 adjusts BMI and improves the cardiovascular system.

  • patented system with built-in power sensors to platform and handle
  • body firming, improving mobility and flexibility, physical fitness and strengthening of the deep stabilization system
  • exercise routines "3D gym" for men as well as personal training for top athletes
  • a touch screen with integrated exercises and a reverse evaluation of each exercise lesson (LPG software)
  • 3D position visualization, feedback during exercise
  • jsimple intuitive operation, tablet control option
  • 360 integrated protocols

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