New line of Montana luxury deckchairs!

We're coming up with a new line of Montana luxury design couches. You can choose from several types - two-piece, three-piece, five-piece, seven-piece, Vojta's desk and a sturdy cot.

  • universal use cot
  • dimensions (d × sh) 201 × 69 cm
  • stroke height adjustable by electric motor
  • stroke range 49-101 cm controlled by a frame control (foot pedals accessible from all sides)
  • carrying capacity over 200 kg
  • parts of the couch adjustable by means of a gas strut
  • electric motor safety guard
  • head piece adjustable with gas strut up and down
  • face hole with cover in basic version
  • option of choosing a cot with two or four wheels
  • wide selection of colors
  • weight by type up to 150 kg

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