Ozonotherapy Medozone

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Ozone therapy prevents cellular aging, helping to increase the body's performance and resistance. It generally benefits one's health. The first use of ozone generators in medicine was in 1900.


The exposure of ozone to the human organism is based on effects that are sufficiently known by laboratory studies and verified by clinical trials.

  • Support blood flow to all tissues including CNS > ischaemia central and peripheral.
  • Bactericidal, fungicidal and virucid > chronic infections including intacellular and HIV.
  • Immunorestaurant effect > autoimmune disorders, allergies and below.
  • Energy Effect > states of mental and physical exhaustion.
  • Regenerative > accelerated wound healing, fractures and below.
  • Anti-tumor > has been shown to increase tumor necrotizing factor
  • Activates immune response and cell exchange > increase immune deficiency
  • Activates erythrocytes > improvement of flow properties and oxygen transport in tissue
  • Activates enzymatic antioxidants and radical sweepers > Slowing aging, eliminating inflammation.

Treatment can also be combined with magnetotherapy or laser therapy with an advantage. When blood is collected for major autohemotherapy, laser irradiation is possible. Vitamins, essential antioxidants and Coenzyme Q 10 are proven to be administered.


  • modern instrument design

  • steady gas

  • syringe ozone injection

  • simple touch screen control

  • The device is available in different languages

  • power: 230V/50 Hz

  • class II medical device B

  • choice of instrument color: green or silver

  • Hyper Medozon Comfort, Medozon Compact

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