The largest offer of couches in the Czech Republic!

The company Madisson s.r.o. offers a complete assortment of couches and tables for wide use in health care and wellness.

Our cots are ideal for rehabilitation, orthopaedics, professional ambulances, massage and wellness studios and a range of other professional workplaces. We supply examination, therapy and massage couches, Vojta tables, traction couches, lymphatic drainage couches, magnetotherapy couches and other applications. We offer single couches with a fixed height as well as more complex multi-chairs with electrical positioning capability.

All couches have been developed to make control as simple as possible and to give the patient as much comfort as possible.

Do you need to fit your new spaces with couches? Do you want to restore the existing deckchairs or just replace your folding couch with an electric one? Visit our homepage full of couch information only!

You can find it here:

  • information about making couches
  • technical parameters
  • references
  • options for color and design
  • photo gallery
  • option to purchase Vojta's table for children with disabilities.

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