Traction system "DTS"

innovative traction system for decompression therapy

Triton DTSis a traction system was designed<<<<<unique construction of this system is among the best traction systems on the market.

  • The DTS traction system includes a Triton traction unit with EMG technology, a traction table and a set of fastening bands
  • bhigh-resolution colored digital display
  • a 270-degree angle shooting screen for perfect control of traction in progress
  • independent time control for ascending and descending traction steps - allows many traction therapies to be simulated
  • variable engine thrust - speed setting (30%, 50%, 100%)
  • static, intermittent and cyclic traction programs
  • softer (more pleasant) traction pull
  • clinical protocols for cervical and lumbar traction
  • 80 user programs
  • graphic records that include anatomical images and common pathologies for lumbar, cervical spine, wrist, hand, hips
  • Built-in memory card slot - ability to store patient data including up to 14 stored procedures
  • standard accessories: patient remote control, patient chip cards
  • on this product presentation see here

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