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Technical specifications

Madisson presents new technologies on the Czech market in advanced rehabilitation with feedback

Madisson exclusively represents the Swiss manufacturer and developer REHA TECHNOLOGY, which has a worldwide position in robotic walking training systems - G-EO and upper limb therapy - ARMOTION.

Next, we have for you a unique and patented system motorized platforms with HUBER 360 feedback for neuromuscular rehabilitation and training for professional athletes.

Unique technology is also diagnostic-rehabilitation exercise stand DAVID, which is used by, among others, Professor Pavel Kolar's rehabilitation clinic. This system consists of 3 concepts for the spine, knees + hips and shoulders.

For active rehabilitation of fingers, wrists and forearms we offer a smart glove RAPAEL, whose main advantage is a very nicely crafted motivational game software with feedback and versus other systems, a more suitable glove material for easier and faster hygiene maintenance.

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