Technical specifications

Targeted exposure of high frequency electromagnetic waves to tissue with possible combination with manual therapy. The patient experiences immediate pain relief followed by muscle relaxation and spasms and a reduction in swelling. Therapy significantly accelerates the regeneration of disability. Proper targeting is achieved by selecting a capacity or resistivity mode that affects the depth of penetration into the tissue. WINBACK devices offer the most widely used range of electrodes.

  • selective radio-frequency therapy
  • targeted high-frequency current action on tissue
  • thermal and athemic effects
  • tissue selectivity - capacity (2 levels) and resistivity mode
  • continuous or pulse therapy
  • MyBACK
  • touch screen
  • manual of recommended therapies, regimens and fashions
  • work performance up to 100 W
  • 1000, 500 and 300 kHz frequencies
  • option to connect handsfree flatbed electrodes
  • option to attach dynamic neutral electrodes
  • option to use power transfer bracelets in resistor mode
  • TIC (Touch Intensity Control)
  • table with drawers
  • option to attach unique FASCIAL electrodes

Program modes:

  • 'sdynamic
  • 'slow pulse
  • 's**super Pulse
  • 250sq>SWAP
  • BEAT

Electrodes (essential equipment):

  • >at capacity – 40, 60, 70 mm
  • PICReservative - 40, 60, 70 mm
  • PIC
  • neutral electrode for mobile applications (more accurate targeting of joint treatment)
  • 'sfixed area electrodes (both resistive and capacitant)
  • bracelet for resistive mode
  • MIX electrodes for treated surface tissue  (2 ks)

Tissue selectivity

  • resignation mode (CET)
    – energy targeted into deeper tissues such as
    joints, tendons, ligaments, bone surfaces
  • capacity mode, 2 levels
    – muscle-targeted energy, fascia, circulatory
    Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders

Main benefits of BACK 3SE

1. The possibility of using a fixed unattended electrode - in therapy, it gives the therapist the freedom to let the energy flow without their own action
or it can also perform manual techniques without the need to hold the electrode.
2. Without the need to use a cream for a metallic neutral electrode - the client is not dirty everywhere and the comfort of the therapy increases.
3. Possibility of using unique FASCIAL electrodes
4. Possibility of using dynamic neutral electrodes - being able to work with both dynamic electrodes at once, therapy becomes more targeted and more effective in local applications (shoulder, elbow, knee).
5. Use of up to 3 working frequencies - more accurate targeting of a specific tissue type.

Program Modes

Dynamic - reduces tension in all layers of tissue. Energy frequency changes automatically.
RET+ - another possibility to use resistive mode in combination with electrostimulation
Low pulse – increases biological stimulation in tissues, especially in acute inflammation. No thermal effect. To calm the tissue.
SWAP – a unique programming mode. It allows energy to enter the tissue between the resistive and capacitant electrodes. At one point, you're targeting energy to the surface and deeper layers of tissue. Super pulse - increases blood flow in the tissues. Rapid permission for strained and rigid muscles.
BEAT – the mode activates nerve fibers and promotes muscle spasm relaxation much more quickly and stimulates circulation. It works in combination with RET+.


  • muscle injuries, tendons
  • muscle relaxation and muscle spasms
  • muscles pulled and torn, swelling
  • tendon pain
  • proprioceptive exercise
  • joint pain
  • lumbar and cervical spine pain
  • bursitis
  • decreased tissue circulation
  • degenerative osteoarthritis
  • arthrosis
  • treatment of scars
  • diaphragm release

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