Technical specifications

There is a complete system containing exercise and test equipment, evaluation protocol, software, documentation, training and support to enable any health centre to begin spinal rehabilitation effectively and in a short time. Sufficient space for a complete system location can only be 25m2.

Indications: non-specific chronic as well as acute back pain, degenerative changes, ejected discs and post-operative conditions.

The concept consists of machines

  • G110 DMS-EVE - Lumbar/ Toracal extension
  • G120 DMS-EVE - Lumbar/ Toracal rotation
  • G130 DMS-EVE - Lumbar/ Toracal flex
  • G140 DMS-EVE - Cervical Extension/ Lateral Flux
  • G150 DMS-EVE - Lumbar/ Toracally lateral flex
  • G160 DMS-EVE – Cervical rotation

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