Technical specifications

There is a complete suite of patented machines that target both internal and external shoulder rotors together with vane stabilisers that are activated with extreme safety and efficiency by exercising on DAVID devices. Optimal joint position, together with supportive arm movement, activates the desired muscles with precision and isolation. 

The DAVID concept for shoulders is a revolutionary therapy for pain in their area. It uses biomechanically optimized movements together with a visual biofeedback system to guide both therapist and client.

Most shoulder strengthening machines are primarily designed to strengthen large muscle areas, however, most shoulder joint problems and pain result from weakened small stabilizing deep muscles. These small muscles of the collar cuff cannot be properly and specifically strengthened with traditional enhancement machines

Based on these findings, a number of DAVID devices were developed for the shoulder concept. The internal and external shoulder rotors together with the vane stabilisers can be strengthened with these machines in an extremely safe and efficient manner. The optimal adjustment of the shoulder joint angle (according to research and literature) together with the supporting arm movement precision isolates the activated engagement of required muscles e.g. internal rotators (pectoralis major). Gently and precisely adjustable resistance of the motion curve is absolutely essential for the correct and controlled exercise of shoulder joint rehabilitation exercises.

Indications: non-specific chronic as well as acute shoulder pain, degenerative changes, problems with shoulder blade stabilisers, problems with shoulder joint rotors.

The concept consists of machines

  • G420 DMS-EVE - Laterall puldown
  • G510 DMS-EVE – Skapular abduction/breast pressure (patented device)
  • G460 DMS-EVE – Diagonal shoulder abduction (patented device)
  • G640 DMS-EVE – Glenohumeral internal rotation (patented device)
  • G660 DMS-EVE - Glenohumeral external rotation (proprietary device)

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