Instrumentation > Magnetotherapy > DIMAP V M2, V M4 magnetic therapy apparatus

DIMAP V M2, V M4 magnetic therapy apparatus

Technical specifications


  • 2 or 4 independent outputs
  • option of changing parameters during therapy
  • 78 preset programs
  • time preference 5-90 min
  • magnetic field sweep function
  • combination of pulse and continuous magnetic fields
  • adjustable ratio
  • optical indication of output pulses
  • overload protection system, short circuit, overheating etc.
  • a choice of several different applicators, with the possibility of deflecting the magnetic field
  • a magnetotherapy couch with a wheelchair
  • frequency option 1-200 Hz (after 1 Hz)
  • magnetic field induction on applicator up to 65 mT (650 Gausses

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