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DTS Complete Traction Device - "TRITON 6M"

Technical specifications


  • Traction Table kit and traction unit “Triton” with an EMG module (electromyographic module)
  • Elevation height at traction table adjustable by electric motor
  • Triton traction unit
  • 6-piece cot
  • extensive accessories in basic equipment (traction unit, belts for lumbar, pelvic and cervical traction, patient button, patient data-card, knee pad)
  • stool for traction couch
  • fixative shoulder rests


Triton traction unit

  • Electronic, microprocessor controlled traction unit
  • Suitable for continuous or pulsed cervical and lumbar traction
  • ascending and descending traction steps
  • high-resolution color digital display
  • a 270-degree angle shooting screen for perfect control of traction in progress
  • variable engine thrust - speed setting (30%, 50%, 100%)
  • Power of traction adjustable
  • static, intermittent and cyclic traction programs
  • clinical protocols for cervical and lumbar traction
  • Voltage/release time adjustable
  • Therapy time adjustable
  • a complete anatomical guide that includes images and usual pathologies for lumbar and cervical spine, wrist, hand and hips
  • built-in memory card slot - possibility to store patient data


EMG options

  • determination of applied traction force by feedback
  • patient feedback with electrodes
  • muscle tension measurements
  • standard accessories: patient cables for EMG, self-adhesive electrodes (8 pc)


technical parameters:

  • table dimensions (d x w) 207 x 70 cm
  • stroke range 48-95 cm
  • carrying capacity 180 kg

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