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Gynecology chair " Gyno 4"

Technical specifications

  • advanced model gynecological chair
  • Electrically adjustable height of the fixed seat cushion in the range 70 - 100 cm (controls - hand controller, option of foot controller for extra)
  • seat back adjustable in the range of -5° to +65° using an easy to operate gas strut
  • modern simple construction, meeting the most demanding requirements
  • seat cushion and seat back cover made of quality antibacterial certified leather (choice of shade by stencil)
  • The chair can be fitted with additional accessories (headrest, knee-restraints with joint, knee-bracket - by type, sanitary paper holder, armrests, foot-operated electric motor)
  • Various fittings: with fixed height, electrically adjustable height of fixed cushion in range
  • dermis stencil

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