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High Power Laser – LUMIX C.P.S.® Podiatry

Technical specifications

The LUMIX® C.P.S.® Podiatry High Power Laser is a multi-diode laser with patented C.P.S. emission mode (continuous, pulse and superpulse) that, due to its high average power of 17 W and three wavelengths, allows effective use in podiatry, skin medicine, rehabilitation and orthopaedics. Predefined in-device treatment programs are supported by a number of laser therapy clinical trials.
The exclusive C.P.S. system "mixes" the energy of different types of laser sources to integrate special characteristics such as high maximum power in superpulse mode and high average power in continuous mode.
The LUMIX® C.P.S.® Podiatry High Power Laser also offers a wavelength of 650 nm, a visible red light that has mainly coagulation and anti-swelling effects. At this wavelength, melanin absorbs laser energy optimally in the skin, providing enough energy for surface tissue. This results in faster healing.

  • maximum power 100 W
  • average power 17 W
  • 3 wavelengths (650, 910 and 1064 nm)
  • red radiation output 130 mW
  • color touchscreen size 4.3"
  • continuous, pulse, superpulse, and C.P.S. mode
  • BURST mode to control thermal effect (10-100 %)
  • frequency 1-100,000 Hz
  • Predefined Programs for Podiatry, Skin Medicine, Orthopedics and Rehabilitation
  • vacancies for custom favorite programs
  • navigation videos with application samples
  • 3 types of removable terminals for specific medical use
  • navigation light
  • handle for applicator
  • be able to update software using USB
  • optical sensor for laser emission test
  • safety foot switch
  • biostimulatory, analgesic, anti-oedema and anti-inflammatory effects
  • easily transferable - weight 3.5 kg
  • food truck (optional)

Principle 3 wavelengths – therapeutic use

650 nm - wavelength suitable for surface treatment, e.g. scars, burns, acne, decubits, wound healing.
910 nm - the wavelength is partially absorbed by haemoglobin, water, melanin and cytochromes. The more this radiation is absorbed, the greater it is
the amount of oxygen available to cells. Subsequently, healing is accelerated through this process. Also suitable for surface treatments - decubits, ulcers, burns)
1064 nm – stimulation of free nerve endings and pain receptors. High analgesic effect with rapid onset. This wavelength, combined with high             average performance, is used in the treatment of onychomycosis.

Therapeutic indications of high power laser in podiatry, rehabilitation and orthopaedics:

  • ulcers
  • diabetic foot
  • lesions
  • swelling
  • chondropathy
  • bruising
  • fungal leg
  • sprained fractures
  • lamb ulcers
  • plantar fasciitis
  • idealisposterior syndrome
  • distorze
  • distension
  • muscle damage
  • heel spur
  • achilles tendon inflammation
  • tendiopathy arthropathy, arthrosis and joint pain
  • scars post-operative post-trauma
  • burn bedsores
  • onychomycosis
  • skin warts

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