Technical specifications

Introducing the unique technology and therapeutic concept on Madisson's menu.
We view the global positive response of rehabilitation, orthopaedic and sports facilities as a great opportunity to advance your facility's capabilities.

HUBER® 360 is a new patented multi-axial motorized platform (8 platform motion trajectories) with built-in pressure sensors
in the handrails and in the platform. Technology will enable you and your patients to receive professional and safe training in physical and cognitive abilities.
It improves patient flexibility and mobility, combined with feedback, which is very important to everyone and motivates further exercise and rehabilitation. Reports and results
from specific tests and comprehensive long-term rehabilitation can be stored in a database, sent electronically or printed.

Technical parameters:

  • neuromuscular rehabilitation device
  • a system with built-in power sensors to the platform and handle
  • improving mobility and flexibility, physical fitness and strengthening of the deep stabilisation system
  • color 10.4" touch screen
  • integrated exercises and re-evaluation of each therapeutic3D position visualization
  • feedback during exercise
  • simple intuitive operation, tablet control option
  • more than 300 integrated protocols
  • trajectories for each indication - 8 runway variants
  • platform movement
  • platform pitch maximum 10°
  • control in Czech
  • rail 2 piece, integrated chair, pulse sensor,
  • integrated delimiting block, base pads
  • dimensions (d × w × v) 1800 × 1335 (with handrail) × 2080 mmtonnage 150 kg

360° rehabilitation
HUBER® 360 offers integrated functional rehabilitation and exercise settings to different levels for a wide range of patients with rapid outcomes
improving their condition. The patented Dynamic Posture Corrector™ function enables accurate and progressive exercise, while the platform mobilizes joints at every level of movement. A fun exercise with motivational elements and an individual rehabilitation plan

HUBER® 360 offers a therapist a complete assessment of the client's condition. Subsequently, a fun and effective form of rehabilitation and exercise designed to
always according to individual physical ability and condition. Exercise results and effectiveness are supported by clinical studies.

flexibility and mobility

Targeted exercise will provide rapid improvement in range of motion. HUBER® 360 mobilizes joints safely and helps reduce pain rapidly.

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Rehabilitation for indications such as:

  • muscle problems and injuries
  • fractures
  • knee ligament injuries
  • total knee or hip replacements
  • glenohumeral shoulder joint instability
  • lower back pain
  • mouth or disc ejection
  • sciatica, scoliosis, dorsalgia



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