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INTELECT HPL7 and HPL15 High Power Laser

Technical specifications

  • maximum power 7 W (HPL7) or 15 W (HPL15)
  • wavelengths of 810, 980 (HPL7) or 810, 980 and 1064 nm (HPL15)
  • color touchscreen 7"
  • ergonomic applicator with interchangeable ends of 26 (in price) and 38 mm (optional)
  • continuous and pulse mod
  • anti-inflammatory mode
  • Burst and stochastic mode (option to adjust frequency and pulse length)
  • more than 60 pre-set clinical protocols
  • option to set therapy by age and phototype
  • position for self therapies
  • automatic laser source calibration
  • automatic machine cooling
  • easily portable weight 3.5 kg
  • frequency 1100 Hz (1 Hz each)
  • pulse width 11000 ms
  • safety foot switch, safety goggles (2 packs)
  • wheeled table (optional)
  • optical and ball applicator (on inquiry)

Burst mode - use for acute emergencies

A series of impulses allows rapid intra-joint angiogenesis and helps to restore cellular homeostasis. In this mode, pulse frequency and duration can be adjusted.

Socratic mode - generates the variable power of laser pulses

  • allows rapid polarization of nociceptors blocking signals of pain through gate controls
  • in this mode, the frequency and duration of the pulse can be adjusted
  • allows longer application without increased overheating weaving

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