Technical specifications

Top physical therapy equipment class
Optional modules for NEO control unit: 1st and 2nd electrotherapy channel, 3rd and 4th electrotherapy channel, EMG electrostimulation module, vacuum unit, therapeutic ultrasound, therapeutic laser

  • absolute ergonomics - the display can be rotated and tilted
  • option of combining electrotherapy, ultrasound, laser in one device
  • the system can be folded from individual modules
  • color 10.4" touchscreen LCD screen
  • swivel and tilt instrument head
  • ability to transfer data and therapies to USB
  • advanced anatomical encyclopedia
  • more than 200 preset protocols
  • QUICK protocols
  • ability to store their own therapies
  • possibility of extension to EMG module with electrostimulation
  • tray table with drawers (optional)
  • video


  • more than 30 types of currents: two- and four-pole interference, TENS, Russian stimulation, DD currents, Träbert currents, rectangular and oblique pulses, galvanic current,
    microcurrents, high-voltage therapy, vector field and its modifications, stimulation currents, I/t curve and more
  • 2 independent electrotherapy channels with extension option
  • unique EMG module with stimulation (optional)
  • basic equipment: cables for electrodes, self-adhesive electrodes 5 cm circular (4×)


Vacuum unit

  • continuous and pulse mode in 10 steps
  • ability to set suction intensity up to 600 mbar
  • all accessories required for operation
  • integrated in the table
  • basic equipment: 6 cm (8×) electrodes, 6 cm (8×) sponges, black and grey patient cable

3rd and 4th electrotherapy channel

  • basic equipment: rubber electrodes 6×8 cm (4×), cables for electrodes, pads, for electrodes 6×8 cm (4×), self-adhesive electrodes 5 cm circular (4×), nylatex bands

EMG module with electrostimulation

  • surface electromyography
  • option to combine measurement with electrostimulation
  • the system allows advanced diagnosis of muscle activity
  • precision feedback of muscle activity responding to stimuli less than 3 μV
  • basic equipment: rubber electrodes 6×8 cm (4×), cables for electrodes, pads for electrodes 6×8 cm (4×), self-adhesive electrodes 5 cm circular (4×),
    nylatex bands, intravaginal probe, patient EMG cables (2×)

Therapeutic ultrasound

  • multifrequency ultrasonic heads 1 and 3 MHz
  • Continuous and Pulse Mode, BNR < 5 : 1
  • variable duty factor (16, 48, 100 Hz)
  • power up to 3 W/cm2
  • acoustic and visual check of warhead contact with patient
  • preheated contact surface of warhead
  • warheads 5 cm2 (optional 1 and 2 cm2)
  • option of combination therapy with electrical therapy

Therapeutic laser

  • both continuous and pulse mode
  • 17 different laser probes and showers (red, infrared and combined)
  • variability in parameter settings, display of total energy dose
  • pre-diagnoses, acupuncture programs
  • built-in acupuncture point finder
  • option to connect up to 33-diode laser shower
  • basic equipment: goggles (2×), patient safety button


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