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LUMIX CPS High Power Laser

Technical specifications

The LUMIX® C.P.S.® High Power Laser is the latest multi-diode laser with a patented C.P.S. emission mode (continuous, pulse, and superpulse) that enables effective photobiostimulation for use in rehabilitation, physiotherapy, sports medicine, and orthopedics.
Up to 4 wavelengths of this device (from 650 nm to 1064 nm) combined with a maximum power of up to 300 W allows more effective treatment with high amounts of energy reaching deep into the tissue.
The exclusive C.P.S.® system "mixes" the energy of different types of laser sources to integrate special characteristics such as high maximum power in superpulse mode and high average power in continuous mode. The LUMIX® C.P.S.® High Power Laser also offers a wavelength of 650 nm, a visible red light that has mainly coagulation and anti-swelling effects. At this wavelength, melanin absorbs laser energy optimally in the skin, providing enough energy for surface tissue. This results in faster healing of scars, wounds, acne, decubits.

  • maximum power up to 300 W
  • average power up to 31 W
  • 4 or 3 wavelengths
  • color touchscreen size 4.3"
  • continuous, pulse, superpulse, and C.P.S. mode
  • BURST mode to check thermal effect (10100 %)
  • frequency 1100,000 Hz
  • pulse duration 70ns
  • Targeting the treated area using 0.5 to 5 cm optics2
  • body part-adjusted therapy
  • free positions for custom favorite programs
  • navigation videos with application samples
  • navigation light
  • applicator holder
  • be able to update software using USB
  • optical sensor for laser emission test
  • biostimulatory, analgesic, anti-oedema and anti-inflammatory effects
  • lightly portable weight 3.5 kg
  • tray table (optional)
  • paediatrics and dentistry endpoints (optional)

The LUMIX CPS comes in 11 variants with different average power and number of wavelengths! Please contact us for a specific offer.

C.P.S.® system – exclusive to LUMIX®


C.P.S.® (continuous, pulsed and superpulsed) is an innovative multi-diode emission system that enables effective photostimulation in the areas of physiotherapy, rehabilitation, orthopaedics and sports medicine. This system, which combines multiple wavelengths at current high peak and average power levels, allows you to treat broad indicator groups with high energy penetration even into deeper tissues.
Wave length and maximum power are among the main factors for deep tissue penetration. C.P.S.® "mixes" the energy of different types of laser sources to integrate parameters such as high maximum power in superpulse mode and high average power in continuous mode.

Principle 5 wavelengths – therapeutic use

650 nm - wavelength suitable for surface treatment, e.g. scars, burns, acne, decubits, wound healing.
810 nm - at this wavelength, the cytochrome c oxidase enzyme (the final enzyme in the respiratory chain) has the greatest absorption and cycles between its forms at a certain rate. It produces one ATP molecule per cycle. This increases the natural healing process through the growth of new cells. Use also for treatment of wrinkles and acne.
910 nm - the wavelength is partially absorbed by haemoglobin, water, melanin and cytochromes. The more this radiation is absorbed, the greater the amount of oxygen available to cells. Subsequently, healing is accelerated through this process. Also suitable for surface treatments - decubits, ulcers, burns)
980 nm - the energy from this wavelength is converted into heat through the water in the tissues. These temperature points deep in the tissues create a temperature gradient at the cellular level, stimulating local microcirculation that brings more oxygen to the cells. This increases the release of harmful substances.
1064 nm – stimulation of free nerve endings and pain receptors. High analgesic effect with rapid onset.


  • distorze, distension
  • muscle damage, swelling
  • painful trigger points
  • entesopathia - abdominal pain
  • heel spur
  • tendinopathy
  • vertebrogenic problems
  • arthropathy, arthrosis, joint pain
  • tinitus
  • scars (post-operative, post-trauma)
  • burns, bedsores
  • ulcers, diabetic foot

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