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LUMIX Q - 130 kW power

Technical specifications

Unique Nd:Yag Q-switched laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm for use in rehabilitation, physiotherapy, orthopaedics (optional: podiatry, dermatology and surgery).

LUMIX® Q is the latest and most unique Nd:Yag Q-switched laser with a maximum power of 130 kW (=130,000 W) and adjusted lower pulse duration.

Q-switched laser emits a laser beam within the nanosecond range. The brevity and specificity of this laser beam limits the heat emission to surrounding tissues, effectively "sending" the energy only where needed. Nanoimpulsy allows to deliver a high dose of energy without increased thermal effect on surface tissue.Nd:Yag Q-Switched laser for physiotherapy, rehabilitation and orthopaedics

  • maximum power up to 130 kW = 130.000 W
  • average power up to 20 W
  • wavelength 1064 nm
  • color touchscreen 10.4"
  • continuously, pulse, burst mode
  • BURST with thermal effect control (10-100%)
  • Nanotechnology - pulse duration 7-35 ns
  • frequency 1-100000 Hz
  • setting the treated area using an optic of 0.5 to 5 cm2
  • pre-set therapy by body part
  • free positions for their own favorite programs
  • Automatic individualization of therapy by phototype I to VI
  • navigation red light
  • applicator holder
  • navigation videos with therapy demonstrations
  • ability to update USB assistance software
  • optical sensor for laser emission test
  • therapeutic extension with removable optics/ terminal for possible use in other fields (e.g.: podiatry, dermatology)
  • leg switch
  • laser glasses (2 packs)
  • dimensions 370 x 440 x 220 mm
  • optional: focussed optic terminal, surgical terminal, Compact travel table

Main advantages of using LUMIX® Q

  • maximum power up to 130 kW
  • precise targeting of energy to tissue depth with limiting thermal effect to surface tissue
  • adjusting the amount of energy per cm2 (focus by optics)
  • choice of 3 operating modes
  • reduction in therapy time
  • immediate analgesic effect and therapeutic results
  • multidisciplinary use option due to removable terminals
  • transmissibility

The combination of high peak power with high average power makes LUMIX® Q a unique laser with application large amounts of energy penetrated at depth.

Accurately targeting this wavelength results in a rapid analgesic effect with control of the inflammatory process and deep activation of metabolic processes of cellular activity.

The nano pulses of LUMIX® Q are derived from Nanotechnology: pulse settings 7 to 35 ns

Real Superpulse

Laser radiation can be continuous, pulsed and superpulsed. While operating mode can be continuous, burst and pulse.                                                       &strong strong stimulation <>with a frequency of 30000 to 100000 lasermuscle relaxation, analgesia and increased fibre elasticity.

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