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Medi Stream 3000 - for intensive operation

Technical specifications

Madisson is coming to market with a designer luxury and technologically advanced model of the MEDI STREAM 3000 dry massage tub, which is certified as a professional medical device. This tub is suitable for very intense operation.

  • a swivel control panel with a 10.4 touch screen, with the option to select a location on the L or P side
  • option to select P or L variant of bathtub controls by position in the room
  • 5 massage zones
  • 2 movable massage nozzles
  • option to set intensity up to 5 bars
  • 5 variants of nozzle movement = 5 types of massage techniques
  • dry massage tub with medical certification
  • therapeutic function of automatically reducing the intensity of neck massage
  • preset programs with personalized options
  • reinforced area for mounting less mobile patients
  • option of advanced individualization of massage with upload to RFID chip card = program settings by gender, height of client, character type (optional for extra charge)
  • option to choose the colour of the padding of the sideboards (4 colours in price-apricot, blue, green, light grey, others RAL for extra)
  • option of placing logo or photo theme on tub rinse (optional for extra)
  • carrying capacity 200 kg
  • water capacity 430 l, power 230 V/50 Hz
  • dimensions (d × w × v) 2210 × 1030 × 600 mm
  • weight 180 kg (without water)

Unique and absolute individualization of massage by client

The MEDI STREAM 3000 tub allows advanced individualization of massage and its storage on a patient RFID chip card. You can set the therapy according to the sex, height of the client and their body proportions according to the typology of the figure. You can also choose the range of the massaged area in centimetres in width as well as height and sequence according to massage techniques.  The setting of time and intensity is obvious. This software individualization is optional at a premium.

Bath design personalization = have a bathtub with your own logo, theme or color and be unique! See photo galleries.

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