Instrumentation > Motion rehabilitation > MOTOmedy > MOTOmed Letto2 for upper and lower limbs

MOTOmed Letto2 for upper and lower limbs

Technical specifications

  • The motor-assisted therapeutic exercise device is intended for patients who are long-term bed-bound
  • passive, assisted or active exercise
  • a revolving service unit with a large color screen
  • remote control for patient
  • swap consoles
  • cramp release program with automatic rotation direction change at recognized spasm
  • assessment of training and individual exercises
  • release drive to reduce muscle tension
  • assisted pedalling "servo"
  • exercise in symmetry
  • motivational program MOTOmax
  • Cardio16 devices controlled by heart pulse – stage braking load program
  • hydraulic height adjuster
  • manual horizontal adjustment of the instrument engine distance from the patient
  • safety pads for feet with external rotation for safe holding and correct position during training
  • handholds

Optional accessories:

  • foot pads for disinfection including disinfectable
  • tape fix (1 pair)
  • calf fixtures for TrainCare legs comfort including disinfectable belts (1 pair)
  • washers for lower arms with fastening cuff (1 pair)
  • expanding mobile device
  • shooting arm for control unit
  • cuff used to secure the hand 1 piece

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