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MOTOmed viva 2 for lower limbs

Technical specifications

  • motor-powered therapeutic exercise device
  • is intended for daily passive, assisted, and active mobility training in rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, or at home
  • large color display and large control buttons
  • therapeutic program MOTOmed -
  • motivational program MOTOmax - offers fun training for patients
  • help getting into the device with safety settings
  • spasm release program - muscles ease gently and relax
  • assisted training "servo"-movement using only minor strengths
  • active training with optional workload 1-12
  • exercise leg symmetry
  • rspeed regulation from 0-60 rpm
  • regulating engine force boundary (1-15 Nm)
  • therapy time settings (0-120 minutes)
  • smooth start and stop
  • displaying and evaluating exercise data
  • adjustable two turning radii (7 or 12.5 cm)
  • self-test system for greater safety
  • safety foot pads
  • large wheels for easy moving
  • silent, smooth and harmonious movement
  • all-metal structure, high quality and stable
  • high stability due to slide leg
  • for extra cost option sam2 evaluation program and sPrint-complete package (incl.chip cards,device service unitswith chip reader and personal computer chip reader)
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