Technical specifications

RAPAEL "smart glove" for active rehabilitation is an innovative solution for advanced rehabilitation of fingers, wrist and forearm with concurrent development of cognitive function and neuroplasticity. Personal therapy can always be adjusted (even during the course) according to the patient's current condition. High motion-recording sensitivity is guaranteed thanks to advanced sensors (positional and motion-based). The patient's motivation is enhanced by natural competition in several types of games.

  • simple intuitive operation, tablet control option
  • real-time feedback
  • rehabilitation of fingers, wrists and forearms
  • reporting and data collection
  • minimum of 40 motivational games
  • user interface in Czech
  • option to adjust parameters during therapy
  • easy portability (case included in price)
  • visual feedback and cognitive function training
  • wireless bluetooth connection of the device to the monitor (monitor not in base kit)
  • elastic and easily disinfectable glove material
  • choice of 2 sizes
  • baby variant glove (Rapael™ Smart Kids)
  • battery power
  • ability to store treatment data on USB
  • be able to send a report from tablet to email
  • measured movements:
  • ronace/forearm suppression
  • radial/ulnar wrist deviation
  • flex/wrist extension
  • flex/finger extension (not in child variant of glove)


  • strokes
  • Parkinson's disease
  • multiple sclerosis
  • head trauma
  • orthopaedic injuries
  • postoperative states
  • weakened muscles
  • spinal injuries
  • burns

Visual feedback and cognitive training with motivational elements:

RAPAEL is equipped with a wide-angle tablet with advanced graphics, providing motivational visual feedback to improve and streamline patient therapy. The patient's motivation is enhanced by natural competition in several types of games.


Game types:

1.Simple –


3.Cognitive – The patient must engage in mindfulness and respond to motivational tasks

Accurate data collection, evaluation and reporting:

The technology offers the possibility of real-time data monitoring to optimize individual therapy and obtain accurate data. The results of therapy are automatically recorded in memory after the end of therapy. Intuitive and user-friendly software allows you to export and collect patient data for subsequent comparison and visible progression. The therapy report can be printed or saved in PDF format outside of the device's software.


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