BALNEARIA Uherské Hradiště


In Gardens 102, 68601 Uherské Hradiště - Rybárny

  • wellness equipment

At this workplace, our company supplied a Wellnesse tub "Spa," a NeoQi DREAM multifunctional tub, and a tub for upper limb massage.

The very luxurious full-body wellness tub "SPA" features nearly 200 water jets for a whirlpool massage and 60 air jets for a pearl massage in its full complement. In addition to its interesting design, "SPA" vana also offers programs for ozonoteraphy, aromatherapy, chromotherapy and talasotherapy.

The multifunctional NeoQi DREAM tub includes infrasauna, steam sauna, aromatherapy, vibromassage and chromotherapy in its kit.

The upper limb massage tub offers 40 water jets with airing, electronic control with a timer and a waste control lever on the control board.