Foreign Intelect instrument reference

The physical therapy and rehabilitation tools "Intelect" we offer you can be found in many of the world's leading clinics, hospitals and sports facilities.
Very interesting is the latest reference - the US President's Rehabilitation Clinic. We enclose a list of some very prestigious institutions in the United States that use our products:

US Olympic Team Training worldwide facilities
US Ski & Snowboard Team
2009 & 2010 PGA Tour
US Air Force Hospitals across the US and world
US Navy Hospitals across the US and world
US Army Hospitals across the US and world (including Walter Reed Army Hospital and Fort Sam Houston Rehabilitation Hospital)
US Veterans Hospitals across the US
Mayo Clinic
Cleveland Clinic
Philadelphia Flyers Hockey
Philadelphia Eagles National Football League
NY Giants National Football League
NY Yankees Major League Baseball
Baltimore Orioles Major League Baseball
Cleveland Indians Major League Baseball
Arizona Diamondbacks Major League Baseball
Tennessee Titans National Football League
Albert Einstein Rehabilitation Hospitals
Chicago Red Sox Major League Baseball
Chicago White Sox Major League Baseball
US Capitol Rehabilitation clinic (US Presidents)