SurGal Clinic s.r.o. , Brno

Drobného 38-40, 602 00 Brno

We implemented:

  • complete rehabilitation unit equipment

Madisson has been selected as a supplier of complete rehabilitation and wellness equipment. The centre has been equipped with high-tech devices and products that currently indicate trends in physiotherapy and balneotherapy. As of January 2012, the new luxury rehabilitation and wellness center is operational.

Our company has equipped this luxury centre with Intect RPW shock wave, Intelect Advanced electrotherapy machine with electromyography module (EMG), ultrasound and vacuotherapy modules, Intelect Mobile Laser laser therapy machine, full-body bath for rehabilitation - Aquadelicia Mini III and Aquadelicia VIII, limb tubs, lymphodexter, Extremiter machine, motahami machine, magnetotherapy machine, local cryotherapy machine Cryo 6, cryotherapy machine the Winplate platform and a range of rehabilitation aids. Dominating rehabilitation is unicameral cryocorama, which has excellent positive effects in the treatment of inflammation with the use of cold up to -80°C. The entire clinic uses couches made to fit the clinic's design.