Robotic assisted rehabilitation

Introducing new technologies in robotic assisted rehabilitation that you can find in our portfolio from summer 2015. Madisson exclusively represents Swiss manufacturer and developer REHA TECHNOLOGY, which has a world-leading position in robotics systems.


G-EO SYSTEM TM - a robotic system with a suspension system for walking exercises with unique functions of partial movement, walking down stairs and up stairs. The big advantage is the short time to set the patient up in the system, the easy manipulation and the need for only 1 therapist! An extension to the paediatric module for children, the electrostimulation module, the knee joint support module, the heart function measurement module and blood saturation module and many others are also possible. Visual feedback on a real-time LCD screen to streamline therapy and make the patient feel more comfortable.

FIRST MOVERTMrehabilitation of lower limbs (mucus, knees, hips) in bed-bound patients in the earliest phase of rehabilitation. The system can be brought to the bed and easily set the ranges and parameters of patient movement. In the subsequent phase of rehabilitation, the possibility of exercising out of a wheelchair. Present or alternating movement of the lower limbs. Movements: plantar and dorsal flex, flex and knee extension.

ARMOTIONTM upper limb feedback therapy and incentive programs for patients with neuromuscular dysfunction. Passive and actively-assisted modes of rehabilitation. Training programs to improve cognitive function.