Robotic rehabilitation - Teresa's spa Dubí

In June this year, we performed a major contract in robotic rehabilitation with feedback.

Our distinguished and long-standing client Teresa's Spa Dubí a.s. has decided on a major innovation and has acquired a unique robotic system for verticalization and walking exercises - G-EO SYSTEM. This is the first installation of such an advanced system in the Czech Republic.

One clear advantage of this modern robotic system is rapid setting and fixing of the patient to the system, easy and intuitive control, simple resetting to the paediatric module, silent operation and smooth therapist access to the patient front and side. As superannuation, the full version of this system features stair and stair walking drills and adaptive mode.

These positives are also evidenced by first impressions of the use of the installed system at Theresa's Spa. This aroused not only curiosity and interest from clients, but also delight from staff. In fact, the system will allow for the most effective therapy, while giving clients a sense of real walking, and allowing therapists to devote the maximum amount of time and focus to the client, thanks to a lucid service.

In addition to the G-EO system, Theresa's spa also uses our supplied robotic system for functional upper limb therapy ARMOTION and active hand rehabilitation device RAPAEL.

Both devices offer feedback through a series of motivational games and follow-up reporting.

Link to the Theresa Spa website with information and photos: