Sanatoria Klimkovice

Sanatoria Klimkovice has opened a new locomotion centre for treating children with DMO (childhood cerebral palsy), or other motor handicaps. There are thirteen devices in the gym: two walking bands, one mechanical, the other electrical. They are complemented by special therapy cages with running flexible ropes that allow the child to be held and fixed so that the therapist has free hands and can continue to correct and adjust his gait.

Sanatoria Klimkovice are known for their KLIM-THERAPY, where the basis is the use of hang therapy KC Therapy system from our company using a special conditioning suit and its involvement in an intensive exercise program. To make the therapy even more effective, they improved it by a sidewalk Sprintex Therapie, which they injected directly into this cage to improve patient movement. They are also using PIO walk simulator for children.

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