"Self-training tables" - the ideal solution for your wellness

A system of eight different models of tables with moving parts that allows intense and individual exercise of all major muscle groups.

Each of the tables exercises different parts of the body using 100 to 1,000 movements of its mechanism.

  • Exercise the entire body within 1 hour.
  • The circulation improves, the ligament becomes more flexible, the muscles firm up.
  • Your posture and posture will improve.
  • The secret to success lies in the balance of active and passive movements.
  • Exercise is suitable for both fitness and rehabilitation purposes (musculoskeletal problems, hip, upper and lower limbs, spine), heart and circulatory problems, asthma, varicose vein problems, waterability and overweight problems.
  • It combines both health and aesthetic effects, after exercise you are rested and full of energy.

Individual species and information about them can be found here.