Pupp Royal Spa Grandhotelu Pupp - Karlovy Vary

Madisson has been selected as the supplier of complete equipment for the Pupp Royal Spa of the Pupp Hotel in Karlovy Vary. The center has been equipped with high-tech devices and products that currently indicate trends in spa and balneotherapy.

We have equipped this spa center with the most modern equipment: Intect RPW shock wave, Intelect Advanced electrotherapy apparatus with electromyography (EMG) module and modules for ultrasound and laser therapy, plus pneuacupuncture and carboxytherapy- INCO2 machine, traction couch with diagnostic unit and EMG, lymphodrainage, Hydrocolon, Combi 200 paraffin spa.

Water treatment is represented by full-body baths of Aquadelicia mini for additive baths, bath for underwater massage of Aquameden, hydroxer-type bath of Aquanea, limb baths of Aquamanus and Aquapedis and stainless steel tubs. The relaxing part includes a dry massage tub, steam sauna, Finnish sauna, salt cave, restroom with oxygen therapy. The fitness center is represented by top-of-the-line fitness kits complete with bicycles, treadmills, exercise tables, Body space vacuum system.

  • rok 2013 - wellness center Pupp Royal Spa
  • year 2010 - facilities for rehabilitation and physiology